Monday, September 10, 2018

2019-20 Link to Artsonia!!!

Welcome to the Art Room!

Miss Smeltzer teaches at both Elizabeth Ide and Prairieview Schools.  She is at Elizbeth Ide from Monday through Wednesday and Wednesday through Friday at Prairieview School.

Prairieview School
       During the 2019-20 School year, the Art Room is exploring an online art portfolio program called Artsonia.  If you would like to see what we are up to in the Prairieview Art Room, please click the link below and enter:  'Prairieview Elementary School' in the Artsonia search bar.  Enjoy!

Elizabeth Ide School- 2nd Grade Artsonia
      Elizabeth Ide Second Graders will be learning about Artsonia too!  If you would like to see what we are up to in the Elizabeth Ide Art Room, please click the link below and enter:  Elizabeth Ide School

Link to Artsonia!!!

K-2- Art at Elizabeth Ide:  Each student has 40 minute Art classes once a week.
    Kindergarten is all about exploration of art materials while encouraging creative ways to use the  Art Elements of design.
Our projects include:
  • The Oops
  • Anansi the Spider-Line spider webs
  • Art to Remember- PTO fundraiser
  • Leaf Rubbings and Tree study
  • Harold & Purple Crayon- Line and shape study
  • Gingerbread Collaboration-group art project
  • Shape-Flakes-snowflakes- shapes and patterns
  • Mondrian colors-primary colors
  • White Rabbit Color Mixing-primary & secondary colors
  • Coil Snakes- Model magic
    1st Grade is building on the foundations of Kindergarten.  We explore various cultures, artistic
  techniques and our imaginations!
 Our projects include:
  • Mood Monsters- collage and basic shapes
  • Art to Remember-PTO fundraiser
  • Native American Woven (paper) Bags
  • Monet Bridges
  • Pollock Paintings-abstract expressionism-primary and secondary colors
  • Ringgold Quilt Squares
  • Scream- it's summer!
    2nd Grade is continuing to build on 1st grade art practices.  We explore various cultures, artistic
 techniques and our imaginations!
Our projects include:
  • The Dot
  • Art to Remember-PTO fundraiser
  • Prehistoric Rock Art
  • George Seurat- Pointillism
  • Japanese Fish Printing
  • Pinch Pots-clay
  • Kandinsky color study- primary, secondary & neutral gray
3-5 Art at Prairieview School: Each student has 45 minute Art classes once a week.

3rd Grade projects:
  • Jasper Johns Numbers
  • Art to Remember
  • Charcoal Landscapes
  • Matisse Goldfish
  • Textured feet design
  • Egyptian Clay Slabs 
4th Grade projects:
  • Stick sculptures
  • Art to Remember
  • Aboriginal Art
  • M.C. Escher Hands
  • Abstract shapes
  • Guatemalan Weaving-frame looms
  • Printmaking
  • Picasso Portraits/guitars
5th Grade projects:
  • Cornell boxes-collaborative
  • Art to Remember
  • One Point Perspective
  • American Gothic Parody
  • Keith Haring Painting- mix your own paint
  • Plaster Masks-plaster gauze